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IndiaFest Milwaukee


Spindle India, Inc's flagship service to bring communities together, for better today and stronger tomorrow. 

Launched in 2013, IndiaFest is celebrated annually and consistently staying true to its goal. 7th annual event is coming up on 17th Aug 2019. It has been recognized by Governor of Wisconsin, US Senator, State Senator, Consul General of India, Air India, Mayor of Milwaukee, Mayor of Brookfield, Mayor of Waukesha, Mayor of Oak Creek, Milwaukee County Executive, Milwaukee Country District Attorney,  Consul General of Bangladesh and many other community leaders. 

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Holi Milwaukee


HOLI - Festival of colors that goes beyond cultural diversity and brings community together through fun, collaboration. A large scale effort to bring in the entire community, essence of a tradition that is celebrated in India to welcome spring, clearing out past and plant seeds for new life. Holi Milwaukee Spring 2020, is a fun event that goes beyond just music and dance. It is color - painting your life with diversity of color. Spindle India, Inc. is proud to launch a broader event such as this. If you want to be involved in Holi Milwaukee, let us know. 

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We are passionate about education and empowerment. We believe, education can open doors to the possibility. Millions of people in the world do not have educational opportunity. We want to do our part to make a small contribution. Hence, we are focused on education for under privileged children. Our goal is to build a school for underprivileged children in Northeast India in Dec 2019.  Planning phase is underway and fund raising efforts have started for this effort. Reach out to us, if you want to get involved for this cause. Your contribution means deep for us. Want to donate for the cause? 

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How Culture Impacts International Businesses

Culture, communication style, workplace etiquette, organizational hierarchy, impact global businesses in different countries. Risk taking, sensitivity, tradition etc can massively influence business decisions. In this workshop, you will get a glimpse of Indian culture. You will get to work in a group setting, engage in discussions,  and get to learn about differences in businesses in India and America. This is a fun and engaging session that enriches you with information and exercise. You will take a tremendous amount of learning in a short session. 

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Other Topics

Negotiation & Global Businesses: Negotiation is one of the critical area of any business, whether local or international. You will learn some of the key tactics of effective negotiation.


Communication in Global businesses: Many initiatives fails due to ineffective communication. Communication can either fail or be the key factor for success. You will learn major communication strategies in this workshop.

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Here are some words of attendees:

Here are some words of attendees: 

"Very interesting presentation from different viewpoints with valuable information" ~Jackie Plahtiev

"I really enjoyed the group discussions  - very insightful information especially cultural differences" ~Kailee

"It was a great way to be exposed to different cultures. I really enjoyed it" ~Ariana Petrie

Holi Milwaukee - Spring 2019


Holi - Festival of colors

Right here. In Milwaukee. For the very first time!

Immerse yourself in colors, music and dance! 


Let's play Holi

Lively Bollywood music!

Live dance performances!

Color showers!

Live Dhol!

Live DJ!

Come and be part of India's festival of colors.


Sponsors and Vendors

Want to be part of this great event? 

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