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    IndiaFest Milwaukee

    Spindle India, Inc's flagship service to bring communities together, for better today and stronger tomorrow. 

    Launched in 2013, IndiaFest is celebrated annually and consistently staying true to its goal. 6th annual event is coming up on Aug 18th. It has been recognized by Governor of Wisconsin, US Senator, State Senator, Consul General of India, Air India, Mayor of Milwaukee, Mayor of Brookfield, Mayor of Waukesha, Mayor of Oak Creek, Milwaukee County Executive, Milwaukee Country District Attorney,  Consul General of Bangladesh and many other community leaders. Would you like to donate for the cause?

    Holi Milwaukee

    HOLI - Festival of colors that goes beyond cultural diversity and brings community together through fun, collaboration. Launched in 2018. A large scale effort to bring in the entire community, essence of a tradition that is celebrated in India to welcome spring, clearing out past and plant seeds for new life. This is a fun event that goes beyond just music and dance. It is color - painting your life with diversity of color. Spindle India, Inc. is proud to launch a broader event such as this. If you want to be involved in Holi Milwaukee, let us know. 


    We are passionate about education and empowerment. We believe, education can open doors to the possibility. Millions of people in the world do not have educational opportunity. We want to do our part to make a small contribution. Hence, we are focused on education for under privileged children. Our goal is to build a school for underprivileged children in Northeast India in Dec 2019.  Planning phase is underway and fund raising efforts have started for this effort. Reach out to us, if you want to get involved for this cause. Your contribution means deep for us. Want to donate for the cause? Follow the link. 

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    IndiaFest Milwaukee

    Aug 18th, 2018

    6th annual IndiaFest Milwaukee (IFM) is coming up on August 18th 2018. An opportunity to experience essence of India, in the land of Wisconsin, the largest celebration beyond borders, boundaries, language, religion and region. 

    IndiaFest Milwaukee is our flagship service that strive to bring communities. We promote unity in diversity through personal, professional and community growth, by engaging corporations, businesses and individuals.

    IndiaFest Milwaukee is a platform that promotes Indian cultural awareness, strengthens communities by connecting people, talent, business, and corporations…above all, communities, thru collaboration; aiding in community growth. Beyond cultural showcase of music, dance and costume, it’s network, connection & growth. How do we say that? It’s where businesses connect to one another; an opportunity for corporations to reach out to end-consumers; getting close to a culture that is thousands of years old; glimpse of global traditions and diversities; an opportunities for Indians to connect to their own roots; an opportunity for the local talents to showcase best of their talents; an opportunity for learning a new skills; for everyone who wants to learn about Indian culture, know about Indians, connect to India today so we can do better business tomorrow in the community, with the community, together

    More info at: www.indiafestmilwaukee.org

    Holi Milwaukee

    Apr 21st, 2018

    Message from Founder, President & Chairwoman

    With deep regret, we inform you that, due to inclement weather and ground safety concerns with snow accumulation at the Park, we are canceling Holi Milwaukee 2018, that was scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 21st, 2018, at Zillman Park, 2168 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207. 

    We have worked very hard to bring this event to you, not only to entertain you, but also bring awareness on about historic, cultural and diverse Indian traditions. Furthermore, this event would have helped us raise some funds for the underprivileged children’s educational project, that we have in the pipeline. Due to the wet, mushy and snow-covered (perhaps slippery) ground, you will not be able to experience the extent of 'HOLI', as it is played in the streets of India. That is, playing color wearing heavy winter jacket or dancing on 'Bollywood' numbers or running around (laughing, screaming, catching a friend off guard and dumping color, or spraying colored water); those acts will not be much fun at all, may even be unsafe. I am confident that you would have taken with you an amazing experience. Your satisfaction would have been ours. 

    We loved your amazing support for this event. Hope you will continue to support us, in the future also; and will give us opportunities to serve you, to entertain you, for the benefit of our community. Thanks to our supporters, Pepsi, Trayix, Desi Market, India Garden & Visit Milwaukee, who relieved some of the burden of expense. I thank our key volunteers Saran Pichandy, Manjunath Patil, Kannan Govindasamy & Fritz Steitzer for their efforts.

    We will fully refund your tickets. Please reach out to me. 

    My apologies for any inconvenience.  With lots of love,

    ~Purnima Nath, At Your Service 

    Spindle India, Inc.  

    Founder, President & Chairwomen 

    A 501c3 non-profit charitable organization bridging the gap between India & USA, through diversity, culture, collaboration and educational causes.