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    Who Are We?

    Spindle India, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization, registered in 2013 in US, with a vision to bridge gap between India & US, by bringing communities together and promoting collaboration beyond borders, boundaries, language, religion and region.

    What Do We Do?

    We are engaged in Diversity, Cultural and Educational services.

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    We are a volunteering organization

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    Executive Team

    Founder, President, Chairwoman, Purnima Nath

    Purnima Nath

    Founder, President & Chairwoman

    An engineer, entrepreneur and social worker dedicated to purpose driven causes and social impact. 

    Saran Pichandy


    An Engineer supporting Spindle India, since 2013 and as a Secretary since 2015.

    Manju Patil


    An Engineer, supporting Spindle India, since 2013 and as a Treasurer since 2015.


    Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker

    “Wisconsin is proud to have IndiaFest Milwaukee, a collaborative and educational service that has been bringing communities together for five years beyond cultures, boundaries, languages, religions and regions; Indian-American’s contribution to the culture, educational and economic fabric of the state of Wisconsin is tremendous"  

    Mayor City of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett

    "Since 2013, IndiaFest Milwaukee has benefitted the City greatly by contributing to its cultural diversity and bringing together its communities in celebration"

    United States Senator, Tammy Baldwin

    “I commend you for your dedication to creating a culturally rich experience, which focuses on collaboration, community and culture"

    Consulate General of India, Dr. Ausaf Sayeed

    "such festivals bring about greater unity and understanding on India not only in the Indian American Diaspora but also among the local communities"

    Air India Midwest, Rishi Singh

    "A healing and showcasing of the peaceful nature of the Indian Americans and their deep rooted culture, arts, and heritage was much needed. Air India was glad to offer support for the good intent and furthermore of Indo-American harmony"

    Milwaukee Country District Attorney, John Chisholm

    "Festivals allow people to interact in a fun and entertaining way that also serves the important function of eliminating misperceptions and misunderstandings. Nothing is more important than that in a time where people feel increasingly fragmented"